Hardware quistion AMD vs Intel?

I have a Hardware quistion a AMD Fx-8 core 3.2 mhz cost as much as an Intel I-3 3.9 mhz is the AMD with its 8 core’s a better server ? running 64 cam’s …

Good question, I would ask it differently => do Netcam studio take advantage of multi-core procesors ? manage one camera per core for example ? or may be the recording can be done on different core(s) so let some other cores work on motion detection ?

yess i am perticulary interested in the Stream part, i have 2 64-lic. servers and noticed that 1 server a I7-3770 stream 64 sources but never comes over 30% usage but the other server a AMD FX-4 4 core streams 40 cams with 80% proc. usage while the Netcam settings are the same… but wil the upgrade have benefits (for streaming in my case). keeping in mind that one I7 cost 3 FX-8 core’s…

you could check ressource monitor and see how many cores are working ?

But I am curious, how can you manage so many video sources ? the Library manager of NCS Library manager has bugs, is terribly slow and unconfortable, I am using it for only 2 cams and it’s a pain to make the daily review/cleaning. Or may be you don’t care and let autocleaning xx days max storage and check video only if something happen and need visual confirmation ?

I Stream allmost only Foscam vga-clones set to 75% quality. And for cleanup a .bat file that forces close down of Netcam and Restart comp every 24 hours. With an Ftp pragram on the same comp task manager say’s 52% usage of the core’s. streaming 64 ip-cams

on I7

wrong view this is total CPU, you must select the per-core/cpu view, right click on the CPU curve and select “logical processor view” (don’t now how it is written in English verison of Windows)

Amd x4 with 40

and I7 with 64

and lot more viewers

ok so NCS seems to take advantage of muti-core CPUs and here you see how much powerfull is i7 againt X4 :wink: just joking but I7 show better performances on dedicated CPU benchmark web sites i7 = 7.8 and X4 = 5.9 but also as you cameras are spread among 8 cores instead of only 4 then the average per core usage is also lower on i7 than X4

But with those informations I thought the difference would be more visible but I also see the network bandwidth show a huge difference between i7 and X4 machine. SO i7 machine also deal with lot more video streaming flow ? so adding this information it seems that i7 perform way better than X4

Hi guys,
Very interesting tests. In general more cores and capability of multi-threading is efficient for NCS and any software for video surveillance. Intel processors are more efficient for these tasks. Kees, I see that you use Hardware_DXVA2 in the Decoding Settings that use the GPU. If you change that to Software_Internal it might change things. Most likely not to the better, but interesting. Another hardware acceleration is QuickSync used in Intel processors and make decoding of mpeg4 and h.264 much faster. If you are interested to test a new version of NCS that is soon for release. This release have the option to use QuickSync which take advantage of Intel processors. If this will make a small or a big difference it is difficult to say, but maybe of interest to test since you have the i7-3770 processor and many cameras. Give me “a call here” and I will send you a link for download. This version have been running for a long time and I use it myself. However, it is not officially released yet so it is on you own risk for the moment.


I noticed the network flow but thought that was because there a lott less viewers on the x4, but the real quistion is, is the FX-8 core capable to take it up against the I7 sinds the both have 8 treats but the AMD 8 real core 's
… Thanks for the offer Henrik but im a little fritened to use beta’s sinds if there goes a little thing wrong can have big cocequinses for my streamers.

X4 is quad core and i7 is also 4 core but 2 threads per core

Yess i know. But i was wondering if the upgrade from the X4- to FX-8 core is a cheap but good upgrade (therefore my 1st quistion) specialy cause the price of an FX-8300 is at a all time low in my country now for 105 euro vs 360 euro for an I7 or 130 euro for a I3

OK stood centered on your second about FX-4 and i7 and forgot about FX-8.

If you are using 80% cpu on FX-4 and all your records are fine then your CPU is enough whenever it is used near its full capacity.

Buying a FX-8 would not bring you any benefit unless you want to do more on this computer like adding more cameras.

So for now I would say … buy nothing :wink: but if you really want to then yes the FX8 have better price/performance ratio.

Yess i think next month ill test it with a 8 core, just to see if the lower proc. load bumps up the streaming frame rate (wich i use most) and response time. until then il try Hendriks advice turning the DXVA off. maybe to be continud…

If you have problems with frame rate and response time you need a better cpu. Turning DXVA2 off will not make it better. Experiment with for example in Client settings the Single view refresh rate and in Recordings Images per second. Going from AMD 4 to AMD 8 cores will definitely make it better since you have more cores/threads. It is always a discussion about Intel versus AMD. Search the Internet for discussion about these two processors and you have more info. If you can just do a test with an 8 core version it is definitely of interest.