"Hardware" recommendation please

Before I activate my license (I will run it on a Hyper-V Guest), I want to decide which hardware settings I need for that virtual machine.

Do you have any recommendations (CPUs & Memory) if I run NCS-64 and want to show… say… not more than eight cameras for the time being? The only other piece of software on that machine is my web server (mojo portal), but this does not use a big deal of resources… SO what is it NCS-64 should have to run smoothly?

4 GB of memory look fine, but two CPUs do not satisfy? (screenshot)

4 GB is usually fine. It depend on the cameras and what you are going to do. Resolution is important and also what FPS you want to display and what FPS you want to store the videos in. We don´t have that much experience from a Hyper-V setup. In the picture it is quite overloaded. What setting and cpus are that?

The physical hardware (Hyper-V host) is an eight kernel Intel Xeon E3-1230 @ 3.3 GHz with 32 GB of RAM.
The VM on which NCS-64 is running has now 4 GM of RAM and two of these kernels.
The host itself has a processor load of around 30%, so there should be room left for the NCS VM…

I am having NO cameras directly connected to that machine, but my cameras are connected to other PCs (via USB) or directly into the network (IP cam). Resolution I selected is 1280x960, and I did not change the frame rate from the default.

I will give four CPUs a try and then update this post.

That hardware is very fine. I think the default cpu load of 30% is rather high? At least 4 cpus is necessary to have it run in a calm way. I see that you plan to connect USB cams. Be aware of that video/audio is very sensitive running over usb. To work in NCS they must be connected directly to the motherboard, no hubs or extensions. I have my doubts with the Hyper V or with any VM. Also if any two of the usb cams use the same driver it will not work. Alternative is if you connect the usb cams to other computers and then connect NCS to NCS.
Sorry, for all this :wink:

No, no. no need to be sorry :wink: - thanks for your great and swift support!

30% CPU load is on my HOST (because there are other VMs running and that server).
My NCS-machine now still has a high CPU load (screenshot), but as soon as I can abandon the webcamXP service and do not run the NCS client on the same machine - I guess it will be fine (if you are interested, I can keep you updated on that).

Regarding USB cameras: yes, thanks for your tips - but USB is exactly the reason why I do have my cameras connected to other PCs: Hyper-V does NOT (not yet, even not on Server 2016) support USB ports - unbelievable, but it is so - great, well done Microsoft.

So I have connected two different (different drivers) USB cameras to real hardware physical computers. These computers act as “camera servers”, i.e. they only provide their stream into my local network.

My webserver, however, is a VM and it “collects” these four streams (two machine with two cams either) plus a real IP camera’s stream (so, five in total) and bundles them on the website. If you want to have a look, I can provide you the address plus test credentials via PN.

Fine, you seems to have good control! We would very much like to have feedback of the setup, cameras and the hardware, cpus, VMs for us and for other users to gain experience. I am running 16 cams on ESXi on a 4 core e3-1220v3 so I have tested a lot also :slight_smile:
So when you are up and running, please share your experiences. When it all runs I am curious the see :slight_smile: