Having a sound play when motion is detected on usb camera

Does anyone know how to have my computer play a sound when My usb camera detects motion. I am using the software for security. This would be really helpful If I could apply different sounds to different webcams. Can anyone give me some help?.

That could be fun ;). In the Rule manager you can create a rule so at Motion start for a camera you can select Run app and set the path to that application. Which application to use I don´t know, but it should be many applications out there. Creating noise seems a lot of people be expert on ;). If it works please report back since it is a good way to alert not having to be at the computer all the time.

I couldn´t resist to see how this works and sometimes it is easier than you think. Assuming you have windows media player or some other app installed that play sound files. This link gave me the idea http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001041.htm and here is how I configures the Rule Manager.

Another way might be to write a Batch file with more commands if you want someone to dance to the music also ;). I have not done that since the above was good enough for the moment. Please, report back if you develop this further.

I’m now adding to the todo-list the possibility to have sound played on Client side (Windows Client)


It worked !! Thank you and it does seem easy with clear instructions. :smile:

Excellent my dear Watson ;). Thanks for feedback.