Hello World & HTTPS


So I just discovered this amazing survelliance software, sure seems to beat iCam :slight_smile:
So a huge thanks to the devs.

I started digging in to how I could use HTTPS/SSL and noticed that you are still on a “make your own certs” which gave me an instant headache because I have not had great luck with it in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ll just strike a blow for a service that another piece of software is using which seems easy peazy for the novice yearning for some additional protetction.


Hope you can consider this as an option to making your own certs. Will save alot of people alot of trouble!
All it requiered from me was having a valid DNS name.

Tagging for appropriate attention:
I’m new here so I don’t have the lay of the land here, whos who and what :slight_smile: Perhaps you can atleast take this idea further

Thanks again for a cool software


Hi there!
Thanks for your kind words and I agree, we like it too :smile:
Thanks for the info and suggestion. I will test this.