Help Connecting vStarCam C7824WIP

I went through all the settings on a previous post under the same topic name and had no success. I was gifted this camera and would like to see it work with Netcam Studio. I am new at this and just downloaded Netcam Studio X for my not for profit organization to try out.

I am able to select profiles using ONVIF so I know my username and password is correct.

Custom URLs do not work for me on 10554 or 554 rtsp://USER:PASS@

When trying a url string with my web browser I get connection refused.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Hi Kevin,
Is it this camera ?

It support ONVIF and you say that you can select different profiles which them will give you video/audio and PTZ functionality?
Why do you want to use Custom URL since that will give you video and audio, but no PTZ?

Test this in custom url with stream type set to rtsp_udp
Be careful since it might be case sensitive.
In the web browser only http works.


Hi Henrik,

Yes that is the camera however, my box says c7824wip and the camera is stamped AOMG on the front. (rebranded?) Looks like the one you referred to in every other way.

Netcam finds it with ONVIF, and I have tried all the profiles but Netcam tries and returns connection failed.

rtsp_udp rtsp://USER:PASS@ Netcam returns connection failed.


Test the URL´s above with VLC. Is the port 10554 or 554?
You have also a predefined template for this camera that you can test

You can also download ONVIF Device Manager which is usually very good to find the URL that the camera use.
It’s always tricky with these rebranded cameras. If it is original or something changed.

I tried the ONVIF Device Manager. The AOMG branded vStarCam c7824wip refuses to send a signal. I tried all the URLs it found with NetcamStudio and get the same results No Signal.

One thing I did notice. The AOMG does not care what username and password I use. The correct username and password does not get me any further. The only thing that it allows to pull the video is the eyecloud app. :cry:

Thanks for your help. I will be investing in some cameras that are found on your list. Not rebranded ones!


Another name for that camera is ieGEEK which I found in our forum. Test this
rtsp://user:pwd@ip:554/11 for view 1 and rtsp://user:pwd@ip:554/12 for view 2,
or port 10554
Use rtsp_tcp

There are many cams that works fine that are not on our list as long as they use ONVIF, but from a more well know manufacturer.



The two words we love to hear, “it works” ! :grinning:

The rebranded AOMG works best with the preset for vStarCam c7824wip. All I had to do is change the port to 10554.

It started working with a fresh reset of the camera. Just get it on the network then I uninstalled the EyeCloud software. Then Netcam Studio finds it as it should.

ONVIF did not work as well as the preset did. So I went with what worked. PTZ is recognized in the software but does not work. Audio is very quiet and unusable. I am happy to be able to use the camera as it is.

Thank you,


Hehe, it works ! :smile:
Thanks for the report!