Help please server


Hello everyone.
I’m here to ask for some help, please.
I previously make use of webcamxp free, and get connect and pass ipcam to my website. I manage to assign dns without major problems.
I now try to do the same with netcamstudio, but I do not know where to change ip, for one of my choice of type


It sounds like you use embedded code in youn web site? In the top mernu in Netcam select embed code. Select Mjpeg. In the code change the local IP to your ddns. Paste that code into your web page.


some video where I can watch how to do it, because I can not change localhost


Here is the process how you do it

Create a special account for this where only the camera can be access. Security.
Copy the HTML Output and paste into your web page as you did before. Change to

That works.