Help with Foscam FI8910W in Netcam Studio

I have a Foscam FI8910W and I can’t get it to work even for just video in Netcam Studio. I hear other people disappointed they can’t get audio to work - I wanted even just video. No dice so far. Help.


Hi Kevin,
A search in this forum gives a lot of info.
Foscam is Foscam … They are famous for being problematic. Maybe they are better now than for some years ago. If they support the ONVIF standard use the tab for ONVIF Source and click on Browsing. If they support ONVIF you should see it in the listing. Otherwise they have som standard URL they use. So use the tab for Custom URL, set stream type to rtsp_tcp and in Address use
rtsp is the protocol for vide and audio. The above will not get PTZ.
No more info than this.


I have searched this forum, and the camera is not ONVIF and none of the suggestions here have panned out yet.