Help - With Hikvision [DS-2CD3145F-I]

I bought a new Camera From ebay…
But the camera is not working in @chrome@ because the live feed pluggin is only ISAPI (or something like this…)
The camera is supposed to work with x264 and x265…
I’m unable to make NetCam Studio connect and see the stream…
Someone is having the same model and can help me ?
Thank you

Hi! Just for control. You have tested all the other templates?
A lot of people have problem to login to the camera. Can you do that?
If you are trying with Custom URL what URL do you test with?

Hikvision have sort of a standard with these cams so try this at Custom URL

Set Stream type to RTSP_TCP
port is 554
nnn can be 101 for main stream from cam 1 or write just 1.

Please, report back how it goes.


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Yep!! It’s working Fine Now!! Sorry about the delay… :slight_smile: Thanx a Lot :slight_smile:

to add to @Henrik the channel can also be /11 (two numbers only)

but for your NSAPI problem (not supported anymore by Firefox too) try to start Internet Explorer (not Edge) Windows+R and “iexplore”.

edit : just saw it’s a 1 year’s old message

Yes, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: