Hi...one word wow

I have to say wow,at the speed my cams are recording and playing live at,I did use Webcam XP and Webcam 7 years ago but then started to use Ispy,my god thats a processor hogger,on that my webcams would record at maybe 15 fps now using your software Net Cam Studio its runs at full speed at 30 fps…Thanks.using this from now on.I use it for recording my front door and the area outside so have 2 webcams looking outside.I remember using Webcam XP to connect to my cams via the internet,wow that was about 8 years ago,I think,I remember using my XDA phone to connect to it,Thanks for making a great piece of software we can use so easily.

Oh one more thing,I connect to my cams thorough Remote Desktop cos they are on another PC in my bed room and I am in my front room on my other PC here typing this. so all cool. They both run Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 17040

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Hi Nick!
I also must start with a WOW! Thank you so much for this very fine and valuable feedback of Netcam Studio. During the last year we have been working a lot to make it much more efficient, i.e use much less cpu-load for a given setup. The market for high resolution megapixel cameras is increasing rapidly so to be able to use an affordable computer system that optimization is necessary. Also, a new web client have been developed and there are new icons in the user interfaces that we hope everyone likes as much as we do :slight_smile:

Thanks again and you know where to find us for questions and suggestions.