Hod do I export video files?

How do I export specific filed from my library to an external disk? For instance I am digging through my library and see a dozen consecutive files from one camera, and I want to export them to a thumb drive. Surely I don’t have to dig through my hard drive to find the originals, I figure there should be a way to simply right click and “save as” the clips I want.

Unfortunately, no right-click and save when you are in the Library. My plan was to double click on the video in the Library and save it after it was played in VLC, but that did not work either. So we are left with going into the files on the HD and copy from there. This possibility have been discussed before, especially if you connect from the web client. I will forward this if it´s possible to implement since it would be good.

Thanks for the response, I think I figured out how the filesystem works.