Holidays in scheduler


It would be nice to be able to set holidays in the scheduler.

For example, Easter holiday in France is a monday.
As we can’t specify it in the scheduler, no record is done because I set the scheduler to not record anything during weekdays.

We could for example add a list (even manuually) with all holidays and add a line to the scheduler (or make it act as sunday) for all thos holidays.



Hi Fred,
Interesting idea, but not for NCS. NCS is for 24/7 surveillance and this would make possible mistakes more easy to not have NCS run correct which would be a bigger problem. Most likely you can find an external program with such a calendar that can exit/start NCS.

Thank you for your answer.

That’s a good idea and quite easily feasible using the API (StartStopMotionDetect).

A simple php script will do the trick,and it also solves the problem of using a common scheduler for all cameras. :wink:



You seems to have the knowledge so the webapi is the best way to go. Many users having a home automation system control NCS like that. I assume you found the information about the webapi on
Good luck,