How are you using the API?

The primary reason I went with NCS is that I wanted full control of my system. I love the idea that there is an API. I am wondering how others are using the API? I am just looking for a reason to write some code. :slight_smile:

Hehe, you have some spare time then :slight_smile:
Usually, when users ask about the API they have some sort of home automation system that also control other things. Another addon that I think is interesting is to automatically turn on/off motion detection in NCS when you leave/enter the house. Someone used Bluetooth for that.

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I was anticipating using it for remote capture and viewing, but then I found the NCS mobile app, so now I don’t need to write that. :slight_smile:

I am a coder by trade, so I need to find some cool project to write code to use this.

I see that we can affect the overlays via the API…ooh…maybe I’ll write some code to apply weather information to the camera feed. :wink:

OK, found another idea…I see we can check Cam status. I am going to look at writing code to check the cam status and if a cam is recording, turn a light on in the house to 1) Indicate to me that the cam has been triggered and 2) maybe scare away an intruder because a light just came on in the house.

Excellent ideas! Please, keep us in the loop about your adventures :slight_smile: