How can I change camera name through the API

I’ve been trying for quite som time now to change camera names through the web API without success. Tried changing the global vars, but I realized that only changed the var and not the actual name.

Any help?


I don’t see a command for that either. I assume that is part of the basic config together with the camera setup.

So it can’t be done?

I can see that CameraConnect also supports updating. I’ve been trying to follow the API docs, but I find it hard to understand.

When I test this I get the response Method not allowed. Either that is true or I am not setting the parameters correct.
I have to forward this to developer @Steve

All command work but some that are passing complex types (cannot be passed by the query string) require to use SOAP instead of JSON and using HTTP POST instead of HTTP GET so slightly more complex.


Yes, I can see that CameraConnect is post, CameraConnectJson is Get. But I don’t know how to “serialize” the options to go in the parameters query.

Some help from Steve would be much appreciated.


Yes, I hope @Steve can assist.

Is it possible to get any help on this matter?


I have to send you to @Steve for this. We are busy with NCS version 1.7 right now, but after that …

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