How can I change web server hostname

In Webcamxp there was a option to change the ip address / host name for the web server. I cannot find the same option in Netcam Studio, can anyone tell me where this can be changed from the default

I’ve searched the config files and changed any instance of ‘localhost’ to my actual hostname but this has not changed the server address from the local loopback address.

Localhost and are windows defaults. In the two config files of NCS you have localhost as the “ServerHost”. If you change the default name to something else I believe that you need to add the new host name to the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc so the local DNS recognize that name.


Hi Henrik. What I am asking is this, The web GUI for the broadcast from Netcam Studio presents itself as… In WebcamXP it was possible to create your own presentation using ip/hostname & port using an option in the app

Can this be done in Netcam Studio as when I change the config files I see no change in presentation, even though the hostname I want to use is in local hosts file?

FYI, I am a senior netwrok architect so know my way around IP and ports :wink:

As you can see, port change made in config is noted in http presentation but hostname change isn’t

Excellent! The I have a good contact when I am stuck ;).

The setting you show in the picture in not available within the NCS program/app. Change of hostname and port number is done in the configuration files.
I probably do not understand what you want to do, but this is what I could do by change the hostname/host file and port number

If I still haven´t answered your question, please write an example of what you want it to look like ;).


I am trying to port forward from my router to the machine hosting NCS so the broadcast can be viewed externally. I then have a web page that would have an embedded stream from external ip address using the http code from NCS.

Using hostname of machine for the port forward does not work as the broadcast cannot be seen externally. I cannot forward to localhost or as these would be the router itself.

All of this works perfectly in WebcamXP but does not in NCS. Strictly speaking, I would expect the port forward to work as it should be opening up to the machine hostname and connecting directly to the port the service is running on so I am at a loss. The only difference I see between the two apps is the actual presentation of the webserver.

Ideally, the presentation should be like this:

Fine, now I understand what you want to do and I do not see any problems to obtains this.

    • keep port 8100.
    • in the router forward port 8100 to the IP number (192.168.x.x) that the server have running NCS. Use static IP on the server.

Enter the http://… in the browser and it should work.

When you generate the embedded html code do NOT use the admin account since that token will change. You must create a user account specific for this. That token do not change at a restart or reboot.


Thanks Henrik, I’ll try this later today and let you know result