How do I add a custom RTSP source?

I can’t see the RTSP source in Webcam 7. How do add a camera if I have an RTSP url? My DVR does not show up in the list of “Network Cameras”.



You actually cannot with webcamxp/webcam 7 but this is possible using netcam studio so maybe you can give it a try.

Thanks for the reply. I’m in the process of checking out netcam studio. Looks like a nice product. As you said I was able to get a camera from my DVR working. I do have some questions / possible bugs. I’ll log those in the appropriate section.

Please share the urls with us as well as the extact reference (brand + model) of your hardware.

This way we can prepare templates for the upcoming versions and support it in webcamxp as well.

I was able to get up and running with Netcam Studio. The DVR is an Alibi DVR (ALI-HVR3004H) sold by ( They sell versions with 4, 8 and 16 channels. It turns out that these are actually re-branded Hikvision DVRs and the same URLs for Hikvision work for these.

In Netcam Studio I added a custom stream of the format RTSP_TCP using the following URL


The port number for rtsp is set to 1050 by default on these DVRs.
The nnn channel number provides two different resolution streams for each camera for example, 101 is the main stream for camera one I have it configured for 1280x720. 102 is the substream for camera one and is running a lower resolution and frame rate. 201 is the main stream for camera two, 202 is the substream for camera two etc. With the 16 channel model this would go all the way up to 1601 main, 1602 sub etc.

There is also a jpg snapshot URL which works, but does not seem to be able to handle as much traffic as the RTSP streams.


The port is by default 80 and the nnn channel follows the same format as the RTSP stream.


The templte for HikVision DVR DS-7208HVI-SV seems to match exactly what you describe here.

You should be able to use this one within webcamXP.

Thanks for the detailed information.