How do I add a NEST Cam?

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Hi Paul,
By custom URL. But you must have the correct URL. I am connected to the same camera with the URL

Your https url above is a web stream in html 5 I assume.

Yes, playing on Goolge, you get 30 plus frames a sec (HTML5), but via m3u8, it is not smooth within NCS.

If you go to Settings - Decoding ans increase Decoding buffer it will be better.

I was able to use this web page to get a custom URL that worked for me:

Thanks. If you have the specific camera model it is best to use the URL for that camera and add the camera by the tab for Cudtom URL as you mention.
In the discussion above it was a Nest camera (no model) publicly available only through a streaming server so therefore the struggle :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m not sure to understand how to add a NEST Cam? I already have another app (ipcamviewer pro) who run this NEST camera and I can’t find a way to make it work on NetCam Studio. Someone can help me? Thanks

NEST cams are always a little tricky to add depending on the URL you have. First, you should always use the tab for Custom URL. In the ipcam app there must be an URL that connects to the camera. Most likely that URL start with http or https. In the tab for Custom URL set stream type type to RTSP_HTTP. In Address paste the URL. Click on Save.
Alternative use the link above to ispyconnect which might give you an URL that you can paste into the Address field.

Hi Henrick,
've just tried what you’ve told me but I don’t understand something. When you want to “share” a Nest Camera, they ask you to enter a password. I don’t see anywhere in the CUSTOM URL tab where I can enter this password.

 I've also tried to enter my URL********** in the ispyconnect you told me about and it's not working. It's returning a Error 401.

Thanks for your help

Add credential to an URL here:

I’m not sure about what you are talking about whit the credential. If I took your exemple from last post, with the URL:

I should try with:


No that´s wrong. If you look at the example above there is @ between password and camera URL.

I’m nearly there. I’ve succesfully make the Nest Outdoor working with the PUBLIC SHARE but I want to make it password pretected. That’s why I’m asking you so much question. So here’s the step for the public sharing:

1- Go to the Nest website and activate the PUBLIC SHARING and copy the sharing link
2- Go to the ispy connect and enter the link of your camera you’ve got on step 1 and copy the “media stream” link
3- Go to Netscam Studio X and add a new source. Go to the Custom URL tab, change the “Stream Type” to RTSP_HTTP and copy the “media stream” link you’ve got on step 2.

Ok now, if you want to activate a Password Sharing here’s the “incomplete” step
1- Go to the Nest website and activate the PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING and … Henrik, can you help me to complete the step cause I don’t know to proceed? Thanks

Sorry, but I have no idea what this is. I don’t see how I can do this since it’s your camera, your account, your links and your password?
I searched on Internet and found these instructions Share Nest camera live video - Android - Google Nest Help