How do I add a NEST Cam?

Thank you


Hi Paul,
By custom URL. But you must have the correct URL. I am connected to the same camera with the URL

Your https url above is a web stream in html 5 I assume.

Yes, playing on Goolge, you get 30 plus frames a sec (HTML5), but via m3u8, it is not smooth within NCS.

If you go to Settings - Decoding ans increase Decoding buffer it will be better.

I was able to use this web page to get a custom URL that worked for me:

Thanks. If you have the specific camera model it is best to use the URL for that camera and add the camera by the tab for Cudtom URL as you mention.
In the discussion above it was a Nest camera (no model) publicly available only through a streaming server so therefore the struggle :slight_smile: