How do I configure NCS to write over older files?

So for the second time my hard drive has become full and NCS simply stops recording. How do I configure it so it will write over the old files as the hard drive starts to become full without having to manually delete them?

Also is there a way I can have it delete some camera’s files after a week, and to send other camera’s files to a NAS drive for long term storage. Do I have to set up multiple servers to do this?

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This is certainly not good. NCS stops recording when it is less than 250 MB left on the HD. However, NCS should of cause follow the setting of the “GB rule” and start to overwrite old files. This was a bug and should be addressed in version 1372 of NCS. Do you use that? Is the HD an internal HD in the computer with a drive letter?

To delete files after a week use the setting for Retention period. This setting is valid for all recordings and is not selective to certain cameras. For long term storage on a NAS I think you need to experiment to find what is best for you. In the configuration of each cam you can set up an FTP function. In the rule manager you can also set an FTP function. There are also many small programs that manage files and folders based on rules. I sometimes use File Juggler for this and Folder Spy is another one, but there are many more. However, deletion of recordings must be handled by NCS otherwise it will be a big mess since all files are stored in a database. So an external program can only be allowed to copy files from the NCS Library.


I’m currently running vs1.3.7.2 and it is set to only use 5TB of the hard drive and keep files for 61 days. When it stopped recording I noticed that I still had files from June. My D drive is where all my files are stored (two 3TB WD30PURX) I’m running Win7 Pro.

Yes, something is wrong here.

  • NCS is set to use max 5TB and for max 61 days and the HD is a 3TB WD?
  • do you use the two conditions at the same time so files will be deleted/overwritten after max TB reached OR after max days?
  • NCS stops since the HD is full?


Sorry, I have Two 3TB drives combined together as a spanned volume giving me 5.45TB of useable space. NCS will record until there is 0% useable space, then stops recording.

I am not sure how NCS will react on that configuration. Do the configuration have one drive letter as D-drive or E-drive or … I have a system where I have the Library on a NAS. The Maximum Lib size do not work with that setup so I have to use the Retention time of number of days. If the Free Space

is always 0 GB your setup will not work or check if that value is a correct.

We have detected a problem with this so if you can only use the Retention time until we have solved this.

Under free space it says 113Gb, and yes, the system sees both drives as one volume, the D: drive. Months ago I had the Max Size set to 0, and it wrote until it was full, so I switched it to 5TB thinking that will work. Obviously it isn’t as I should see around 500Gb of free space.

Thanks for info. Forwarded to our developers.

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