How do I connect a HIKVision DS-2CD2132F-IS Camera

I have a HIKVision camera, model DS-2CD2132F-IS, that I want to connect through WebCamXP. The available camera models are slightly different numbers. All test okay, but when I try to finish connecting I get an error message that an error occurred when connecting, and I get a black screen.
Do you know of a different camera maker and model I can use instead of the HIKVision ones noted in the WebCamXP software?

Unfortunately I am having the same issue. Did you ever manage to resolve your problem? With mine I am able to get the camera setup on some of the computers on the network but not the one I really need. I think it has something to do with the port access for the RTSP stream. If I come to a solution I will post here again. If you have discovered anything I would appreciated you passing on the info. Thanks.

I found a solution, at least for me. I actually tried two things. If you are having the issue when trying to connect inside your network, try changing the rtsp port in the configuration section of the camera app. I changed mine to 9500 and it worked. I can now see the video stream on all the computers on my network. I am suspecting that something was blocking the 554 default port that the camera was initially setup with. If you are trying to view the stream from outside your network you will need to setup a port forward for your rtsp port and the specific IP address for your camera. Worked for me so let us all know how it goes!