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  • When did you start using it
  • What are you doing with the product and why it’s useful to you
  • Your favourite / most used feature

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Webcam 7 and previously WebcamXP

4 or 5 years ago I started using the software (?)

I use the software with a self-written app to view 16 IP cameras that originate at my residence, at a friend’s residence, and at each of my two daughter’s residences. A camera at each daughter’s house monitors their dog, while he is in his pen at night and during the day. A camera at my residence monitors a daughter’s son while he naps here during the day. Several cameras at a friend’s house are displayed on my site.

Since neither daughter is allowed to install custom apps on their work computers while at work, they would have no way to view their own cameras if they did not have access to my site. They can use Firefox and IE on port 80 from their places of work with no problem. This is a primary use of my setup.

I have six cameras at my residence to monitor local activities around the house. Two cameras are PTZ. Webcam 7 works in conjunction with Homeseer to control lighting and other home automation applications.

I use webcam 7 because it has drivers for the various brands and models of cameras I have. The protocol used is convenient to use and works well with home-written software. I use the overlays to display time and CPU usage. I also use webcam 7 to display an AVI file that I use for touch control of a home automation application.

The software will run for weeks with no problems. The only time I reboot is when I have to apply windows 7 updates.

Thank you for your interest.

I have been using WebCamXP for several years. I use Homeseer Home Automation software to control WebCamXP. I have recently upgraded my Home automation software to Homeseer version 3. I am now in the process of integrating NetCam Studio into Homeseer 3 on a Windows 7 laptop computer. NetCam Studio is much faster and more stable than WebCamXP. I think it will work much better with Homeseer 3.

Well, I started with WebcamXP, then Webcam7, and about 2 months ago, Netcam Studio.
I started using Webcam XP several years ago. Can’t remember the year.
I have always used the software for monitoring my house when I’m away. Now I use it for monitoring our car at the parking spot.
My favourite or most used feature are in fact, three. First, the motion detection, second, the remote connection from my smartphone, and third, the email alerts.

I just love this software.

Which product are using?
Netcam Studio.

When did you start using it?
A month ago now as a replacement for ZoneMinder as I’m slowly tearing down my VMware server and moving back to a Windows server.

What are you doing with the product and why it’s useful to you?
I use it to monitor my house whilst away at work / out and about.

Your favourite / most used feature?
Currently it’s the remote phone app. I’m aiming to integrate NCS with Prowl and get notifications sent to my phone which will then allow me to open the app and view what’s happening. The ability to set a recording location and file rotation when combined with another application to encrypt and push to the cloud gives me secure off site backups.

It’s still far too early to have covered all the features, but the interface is very clear, no stability issues on the server side so far and I keep discovering new features as I play with it.