How to a Ubiquiti Unifi Video Camera as a source

I was unable to add a Ubiquiti Unifi Video Camera as a source to the Netcam studio software. I noticed the only model was for ‘Aircam’. I don’t know if ‘Aircam’ is an older model Ubiquiti sold at one type or if I don’t have configuration set up correctly. Right now I get a ‘No video stream to display’ message.

Hi devo! I would recommend you to use rtsp instead that will probably solve your problem faster. The Ubiquiti use h.264 for their video so rtsp will work fine.
When you add a camera in NCS go to Custom URL. For Type of stream use rtsp_tcp. In the address field write:
what xxxxx should be is individual for the most camera manufacturers and you should find that info in the configuration of the camera. Maybe you need to put :554 after the ip-number
rtsp://username:password@camera-ip-number:554/xxxxxxxx since that is the standard port for rtsp. Maybe you can also test if it works with
if you are lucky ;). Good luck and report back if it works or not.

I found out UVC (Gen2) cameras do not support RTSP.

I have probably mixed things up here. UVC (Gen2) is a software that do not support RTSP. Lots of discussions in the forums. But, the camera Ubiquiti Unifi use the video format h.264 so it must support rtsp??

It looks like you need to purchase an NVR device to do the RTSP retranslation. This was not needed on the old Aircam cameras. Then the custom URL will work that you mentioned above.