How to access Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I

I recently had to replace one of my Hikvision cameras with a new DS-2CD2042WD-I camera. I expected to be able to have it up and running with no problems. I have struggled for over two weeks and can not get it to connect to NCS. I can access it via IE and I have finally gotten to where I can view it on the Hikvison software, but I want it on NCS. Any help would be appreciated.

According to the specifications of the camera is support the standard ONVIF. So when adding the camera to NCS use the tab for ONVIF Source. Make sure that ONVIF is enabled in the camera. The camera must be on the same LAN as the computer and preferably do not use wifi when adding the camera.

Henrik, thank you for the prompt reply. I found the enable Onvif button deep in the configuration settings of the camera and enabled it. The camera is now able to be found under the Onvif tab. I am not sure how I can add the camera without using wifi since it is going through router. Can I just plug camera into computer, instead of router?

When I first clicked on Get Profiles, I got these error messages:

Error retrieving Onvif Profiles on http://xxxxxxxxxx:8080/onvif/device_service
Exception Detail:Optional Action Not Implemented

Exception Detail:The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme ‘Digest’. The authentication
header received from the server was ‘Digest qop=“auth”, realm=“IP Camera(C3808)”, nonce=“4d5467775a546b314d6a59365a6a63784e5745324d7a413d”, stale=“FALSE”’.

Now the second one reads

Error retrieving Onvif Profiles on
Exception Detail:The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request.

Don’t know what to do now.

Test to remove port 8080.
I would also test to reset the camera.
You can also download the program ONVIF Device Manager and see if that can connect to the camera.

Thanks Henrik. After much googling and downloading ODM, I have the camera on NCS. Another question.

How do I know which profile to select, or does it matter?


Excellent, good job!
Profiles are usually connected to resolution and compression, h264 or jpeg. The name can be main profile with a certain resolution. The resolution for the main profile is set in the configuration of the camera. For higher resolutions I recommend to use protocol rtsp which use compression h264 which most effective.