How to access V380 camera on browser and RTSP

Hi I am using a v380 IP camera, Link:

I initially started with its android app and connected the camera to my home network. So I can access it from app easily. Then I downloaded its windows software which is called MVCMS_Lite.exe and added the camera manually as I knew the IP address and I can also access it on windows software. My next aim is to access it on browser/custom python code.

For this I started the wireshark and selected the filter as RTSP. Started the live feed in MVCMS_Lite.exe but didnt received any packets for RTSP in wireshark. Does this means that it do not support RTSP protocol.?

I then selected the TCP protocol as filter in wireshark, and I can see many packets being transmitted. The port it uses is 5050. How can I access the camera feed on browser. Any ideas, please help. Thanks

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If you check the specification of the camera there is no RTSP network protocol. So it do not support RTSP.
Usually these cameras send the data on port 5050 as you mentioned which is a port that multimedia devices use quite often. That traffic is encrypted.
Here you might find some information about these cameras Fentac V380 Connection


Thanks It worked. I had to upgrade the firmware and then I was able to access it on rtsp

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Hello from Greece,
I bought an outdoor camera V-380. I access the video stream from an Android app.
But I need to be able to access it via ONVIF/RTSP stream. Does anyone know how to enable RTSP/ONVIF.
Firmware version

I have a v380 but forgot the password and reset button is not working… I need help…

Hi All just lije to kmow how i can view my cam on a laptop

many thanks

This forum have a lot of information about that. Just search on the camera.

i have V380 Digital Zoom Wireless Smart Phone 1080P Outdoor Camera freeshipping - V380 Camera

how to stream it on web browser?

As I wrote in tbe post above for a year ago V380 cams are problematic. A lot of info in the forum. Just search. If they are working better today just add the camera using the tab for ONVIF Source and click on Browse.
For further info I suggest the manual.