How to configure streaming from Pc to android?

I need some help to set my smartphone so I can see the video from my pc´s webcam, I know it sounds easy but since there isn´t any instructions manual it´s a bit difficult for me to set things up. I´ve downloaded the apps for the pc and the smartphone and I can record video on my pc but I dont know what to do in the smartphone´s app to do streaming.

I assume you have Netcam Studio running on your pc.On the smartphone there are two alternatives:

  1. Open the browser and enter . There you can add the IP of the ncs server, port etc. Remember that if you are on the wan side you need to set up the router also,but you can test it on the LAN first, port 8100.
  2. With the app you downloaded. There you must enter the same info as above.

Mybe it is te router you need to setup correct?