How to enable audio on webcamXP 5 Web server

I want to use webcamXP to broadcast IP camera video and audio.
I Installed webcamXP Pro(trial version).

Now I can :smile:

  • connect IP camera video and audio via rtsp
  • broadcast video.
  • record video and audio (webcamXP Pro Monitor tab record button click)

But I can’t broadcast audio. Is it impossible?

Recommend you to install Netcam Studio which is the next generation of the webcamxp software. Netcam Studio is free for two cameras and you find it here

Thank you for your advice. I Installed Netcam Studio, and this is nice !
Now video and audio broadcast is success.

Sometimes Foscam FI9826P audio was stoped, only video was running.
I’ll survey this issue.

I assume you used ONVIF for the connection.
Foscam can be a little tricky sometimes, but good luck. Check that you have the latest firmware.