How to get rid of artifacts and pixels in the video image

Hi guys!
Artifacts in the video image is in most cases caused by errors in the data stream from the camera. The software encoding the signal into a video image cannot handle errors and the result is a bad video image.
Errors in the data stream is often caused by a low wifi signal. This can be seen if the camera is set to high resolution and if the camera is set to deliver a high frame rate.This generates a high bit rate on the wifi. It can also be caused by low quality electronics in the camera.
How to fix this.
-if the camera is running on wifi check the signal strength.
-another way to minimize or to get rid of artifacts is to change transmission protocol. Quite often the default protocol used is called UDP. That is not an error correcting protocol. Change to a protocol called TCP which is an error correcting protocol.

Change from UDP to TCP can usually be done as:
-if the camera is connected with ONVIF go to the tab for ONVIF Source. Check if there are any profiles that use TCP. Use them.
-if that is not possible go to the tab for Custom URL. Change Stream Type from rtsp_udp to rtsp_tcp.
-if none of the above works login to the camera and check if the transmission protocol for the data stream that is used can be changed from udp to tcp.

Usually at least one of the above is possible. To be on the safe side restart both camera and Netcam Studio after these changes.

Good luck,