How to limit Bandwidth

I’ve got a cam up and working on some Osprey. When I connect to it remotely over the web I can see my outgoing bandwidth spike almost 20Mb (snmp on edge L3 switch). I’m hoping to have multiple people form the public connect and monitor the birds freely.

What are my options to limit the bandwidth used per instance (obviously at the cost of quality)? I’m currently using the HTML code with JPEG 1.

Hi yomill3! That will be a very nice video to look a! Send a link when ready!
Under Settings you have Client settings and Recordings. These settings, quality and frame rate, affects all the streams and user accounts and not a specific cam or user account. Depending on what camera you use there are usually possibilities to configure it for different resolutions/frame rate that also might save some Mbits.

In the script for JPEG there is somewhere a setTimeout(xxx) call.

This defines the time between 2 images requests, by increasing this value, the stream will be slower and therefore the bandwidth per user will be limited.

At this time, there is no settings in NCS allowing to set a limit.