How to move Netcam Studio to another computer with a minimum of downtime


Moving Netcam Studio between computers with a minimum of downtime is quite easy. Do the following:

  1. Install the same version of NCS on the new computer. Make sure it is the same version on both computers! Also, preferably use the 64-bit version.

  2. On the old computer go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server

  3. There you have

  4. To keep configurations, security etc. important files are Netcam.Security, Rules and Server.config. Copy these files to the same location on the new computer. The file Lic.dat contains licensing information and should not be copied since it is not valid on the new computer.

  5. If you have a lot of important recordings they are located in the Library folder if you are using the default configuration of NCS. If you want to keep them copy the Library folder to the new computer.

  6. Start NCS X, blue icon, and you should be up and running if the IP addresses to the cameras are the same as before.

  7. The new version of NCS will be unlicensed showing a red banner over camera 3 and above. Send the license number to Netcam Studio Support at describing the situation and the license will be reset for you to enter in the new system.

Good luck,

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