How to pass motionStop time in a "runapp" rule?


Like the title say, I need to launch a script with a runapp rule passing some info as arguments.
Most of all I need to pass Motionstop time, then currentcamera and so on.

  1. How can I do?

  2. Is there docs about it to look for?

  3. Are there other ways than rules to run a program with arguments when eg motionstop?

Thankyou all


Just a thought. If you send an email at motiostop you have time, cam, etc. and use a script to decode the maiö. I tested some other things to have the value of $time … outside, but no. In the text field it should be psioble to write [$time] or equivalent to get the value in the test string. I have not seen this so it is for admin to answer. The only docs is on the support page.