How to record speeding cars?


I have looked at the manual but I can’t figure out how to record a video of a speeding driver with their speed displayed on the video.

Which settings should I use? How can I set the correct rules?

Any help much appreciated


While developing the speed detection feature, i’ve been doing such during my tests.

The steps are the following:

  1. Enable the motion detection in speed detector mode, define the 2 points of measure and ensure that you properly enter the physical distance (in meters) it represents

  2. As a threshold, put the speed above which you want the system to trig the alert / record

  3. Using the overlay editor, once at least 1 car has passed and been detected, you should have new dynamic values available that you can display. something like $motionDetector.1.speed so that it can be displayed over your video stream

Hope this helps