How to set recording if someone stay close to my car longer then 30 sec


Hi, Do you know how to set recording on setcam software if someone stay longer then 30 sec near my car or specified area? Thanks.


If you mean that the recording should start if a person stay in the area for 30 seconds or more I donĀ“t see any setting for that. Recording start immediately when motion is detected. There is no setting for a delayed start.
The only thing is Config features -> Frame interval, but that will stil give a motion start.


It would be great to have this option, but unfortunately there is no way to set if person stay in area longer then desired time. Get in area and get out interval of desired time.


Explain more why this is of interest to delay for 30 sec. Personally I would like to know when I have a trespasser ASAP. Since a person can stand completely still some sort of pattern recognition software would be necessary I think.