How to setup SMS?

I have setup in Rule Manager to send out a SMS with motion detection. I found no where complete the setup of SMS and as expected I get an error in log: plug-in is not installed. I cannot find any more info on this anywhere. Am I missing something or is this a paid only option? I am using free (x64) v

The integrated plugin has been removed since we had no free ways of sending sms anymore. It will again be available when we will launch the netcam studio central platform. Hopefully soon…

In the meantime it’s still possible tu use api from paid sms providers such as clickatell using the http request action on motion detection pointing on their http based api.

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Ok, Thanks for the quick reply back. Hope to see the new platform soon!

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Also, a lot of cell carriers allow SMS via email. You should be able to google to get the right format for the email address.