How to setup webcamxp to work with Foscam FI9803P

Anyone knows how to setup webcamxp to work with a foscam FI9803P?

You can try to connect with existing template Foscam FI9805W.

it works with:

video preset JPEG
output resolution: 1280 x 1024

not good, but better than nothing :wink: thanks!

Hi, can we get more detailed instructions on this because I am having the same issue. I can ping the both cameras on mine and no matter what I do for this template for the fi9805w, it will still not connect them.

look at:

h ttp://

h ttp://

but this camera is not very good, everything is pink, i can´t correct the colors…

Hi, I tried this but still says “error connecting to device” any other suggestions?

You can try with the Foscam FI9805W RTSP over HTTP template to connect the RTSP stream from FI9803P, just make sure that RTSP port is the same with HTTP port

tenia el mismo porblema, y si, se soluciona, lo unico, que ahora no funciona el PTZ.