How to start and stop Netcam Studio with Task Scheduler


If you would like to have Netcam Studio running between certain times it is easily solved with two BAT files and the Windows built in Task Scheduler. This will work with the Netcam Studio Service. Do the following:
1.Open NotePad and write NET START NetcamStudioSvc64
2.Save this file as for example NCSSTART.bat
3.Open NotePad and write NET STOP NetcamStudioSvc64
4.Save this file as for example NCSSTOP.bat
5.Open Task Scheduler and Create Basic Task. One for starting NCS and one for stopping NCS.
6.Follow the Wizard and in Start a Program use this

or NCSSTOP.bat for stopping NCS.

7.Make sure to enable this in the properties of the two tasks


Save tasks and test them by running them manually.

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