HSCOMILA HS-04 IP camera

I am having trouble getting a unnamed IP camera to register on Netcam server as a source.
The Chinese camer appears to have two 'names"…
1: A physical abel with HS-04
2: A software tile of IPcam with a model of "C6F0SeZ0N0P0L0"
I can connect with a browser (
Question: can anyone point me as to how I can get it to register as a source?

Hi Geoff and welcome to the forum.

One usually call these cams OEM no-names, but this is more like anonymous :slight_smile: I need much more information than this.
-is it a camera with PTZ?
-do the camera support ONVIF standard?
-when you connect do it from the browser is that the configuration of the camera or do you also have the video?
-is it a high resolution camera using codec h.264?
-if you have it on Internet send a link to that site.

We start the easy way.
1.if the camera support the onvif standard add the camera in NCS using the tab ONVIF. Enter parameters. If the cam support onvif you should now have several choices.
2. if that do not work these no-name cameras usually work with a template for Foscam F186xx/98xx. Test to add the camera using one of these templates.
3. it can also work with a model from Tenvis.

If non of the above works then I need access to the camera so I can try to figure out the URL on how to communicate with the camera. That URL will the be entered using the tab Custom URL. That will give video and audio, but no PTZ if the cam have that.

Good luck,

Hi Henrik,

Thanks you for all that information

We are now going on a Foscam template.

In answer to your questions…

· Here is a link to a camera image

· The camera does not seem to support the ONVIF standard.

· The in-built software has PTZ control there is no PTZ mechanisms…
unless it is software driven

· The browser configuration is built in to the camera software.

· There is no sign of an h.264 codec.

· I have a Internet access to NetCam with password…. With the
camera online.
What is a safe address to send this too?

NetCam is running well but I would appreciate it if you could log on and
offer any suggestions.

I am pretty sure I will soon be seeking a subscription for a few more


Hi Geoff,
I found a little bit more information about the camera from the link. Brand is HSCOMILA model HS-04. It is 720p and use h.264. This usually means that it uses the URL rtsp://xxxxx for communication. However, I have not find any information about such URL.
I am not sure if I understand correct, but is the camera connected to Netcam Studio with a Foscam template and you can see the video? If it is working what Foscam model are you using?
I send you a PM for exchange of details.

Hi Henrik,

I will reply as soon as possible.


Just to let the next person to know that the connection was solved for the camera HSCOMILA model HS-04
Add the camera using Custom URL. Set stream type to rtsp_tcp
Use this URL
resolution 1280x720p

for a lower resolution.

The camera support ONVIF. Make sure that onvif is enabled in the configuration of the camera. Default it seems to be off.