HTML5 Video Options

I have been checking out Netcam Studio and it looks like a good product. I’d like to stream some of my cameras on my website using HTML5 video, so I was looking at the “Live View” options. Because different browsers accept different video formats under HTML5 video, I was testing out the “WEBM_NOAUDIO”, and “H264_NOAUDIO” encoding options under settings.

  1. I noticed that if an encoding option is selected under the main Settings, changing the Stream format under an individual source does not get saved, and gets set back to the format set under the main settings. Is it possible to have different sources running different “Live View” encoding formats?

  2. If “H264_NOAUDIO” is selected under the main settings, setting the bitrate under the source “Config Features” has no effect - the stream seems to be stuck at around 2 megabits per second - at least in my case. However if “WEBM_NOAUDIO” is selected, the bitrate can be changed. Is this a bug?

The global settings for which encoder to use will overwrite all the individual camera settings.

H264 doesn’t accept all values for bitrate therefore yes it has been hardcoded to ensure that people do not use value that will just crash the software.

all right, but no html5 video in ie11.
i tried <video src="myserverip:port/Live/0?authToken=some-token" type="video/mp4"></video>,
in netcam server in main settings i set encoding option to “H264_NOAUDIO”.
but nothing shows. there is error in ie console about unknown MIME type.
how to fix this? in other browsers all good.
netcam studio x64 v1.2.5.0

mjpeg in ie11 seems not working too

In this case, you may need to use which is what the web client does.

In this case for browsers which do not natively support HTML5 video (like IE11), it will fallback to Flash for playing.

Can you give me a sample script that will show my video on all browsers.
That would help me putting my video’s on my website.
Thanks a lot