Https for Sharx HTNC 4410 Cameras

I have a secure website that I am now trying to get NCS to stream securely to. I have purchased a commercial ssl from Digi Cert certificate and installed in NCS per the instructions from NCS. I have verified that my ssl certificate is recognized in chrome as being valid.

However, my camera image is not appearing on my site, if I click on inspect where the image is supposed to be I do see the correct external IP and port 8100.

Would anyone know where I should look for the cause of the problem? I did ask my hosting provider, ICD Soft, to check to see if I did something incorrectly and they said the problem seems to be coming from NCS.


I just noticed in the event log that the connection is continually lost. Yet, I can watch the live streams in NCS and I do not see a loss of the connection???

Here is how you do it.