Hi everyone,

do I understand the manual rightly, that HTTPS is currently possible to stream to the desktop client, but to the web client and mobile clients not?
When can I expect this feature fully, because at the moment the authentification of the webinterface is in plaintext or do I or am I being wrong here?
This would keep me from using your software in public.

Thanks in advance!

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If you enable HTTS on the server side, then all web service commands and streams will be distributed over HTTPS, no matter the client.

Mobile app supports HTTPS, the Web Client as well if it’s hosted by Netcam Studio.

@Mikhail_Burilov Can you please confirm ?

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Ok very thanks for your info.
Means I can use the webinterface via https and get the mjpeg streams via https, do I have to use then port 443, 8100 or is the port changeable?