I can stream only 5 sourses to my web site

I’ve just bought license for 64 sources yesterday. All was ok, until I’ve tried to stream video from my DVR cams to my website. I use RTSP method and mjpeg html-code. Only 1-5 sourses are streaming. The next 6-11 sources are unavalible in my website. A didn’t see any errors. Just white browser page. All of them are visible in Server interface. I use Windows Server x64 / NCS (x64) Ver.
Thank you

Just to be clear. All cameras are connected to NCS and works fine and you can see the videos.
When you connect with the web client using a browser on the same computer as NCS is running can you see all cameras?

If I understand correct you use Generate HTML to get the HTML code to embed on you own website.
Is the website on the same server as NCS or is the website on a server outside of your LAN?
I cannot say the exact problem so you have to do some tests.

Do not use the Admin account when you generate the HTML code. This token will expire and change. Create a special user account that have access to all the cameras that you use here. That Token is permanent.

The HTML generator gives this code for a camera which in my case is

Take the URL that is generated in your case and enter in a browser on the same computer that runs the website. Do this for all cameras so that you can see the stream from each cameras. Since you want to stream 12 sources I suspect that it might be a problem with the capacity. It can be of the computer that runs NCS or if you have the web site on the outside of the LAN it can be a problem with the upload speed to Internet. Streaming 1 cameras can use 2-3 Mbit/s depending on the resolution. Use the Task Manager on the computer that runs NCS and check the CPU load.


Hi, Henrik.

  1. Yes. All cams are connected to NCS and I can see all of them in client.
  2. Yes. I use native NCS generated code like something like this: <mg id=“mjpeg_1” src=“http://xx.xx.xx.xx:82/Mjpeg/1?authToken=3c04a1da-812c-49a2-8dfd3-f9712a0af2bd” width=“640” height=“480”/ (I have changed default port in both .conf file)
  3. I use non-admin account and token. But I use only one “user” account for all 12 streams
  4. when I enter (camera by camera) this URL in browser on the same computer, I see all of my 12 cams
  5. I have ~80Mbit/s internet connection and 60-80% CPU load

Looks fine, but where is the website located and the other tests?
60-80% when non-streaming?
Is the 80Mbit/s upload or download?

Website is locatedin remote computer (hosting).
When I open URL <mg id=“mjpeg_1” src=“” width=“640” height=“480”/, CPU load is jump to ~90%

I would definitely say it is a capacity problem. Another easy test is to only stream cams 8-11 on the website.
I am after to establish that all cams, but not all at the same time, can be seen on the website. Most likely that is the case here.

If I’m not paste 1-5 cams, but only 6-12, then I can see 6-11 cams on my website. BTW, streams are displayed not at the same time.
I tried to generate java-script for jpg method and I have the same problem. Which method (mjpeg or jpeg) is the easier for capacity?

Fine. So you can stream all cams, but not all at the same time. What is the cpu load when streaming cam 1 to 5 or 6 to 12?
Are all cams 640x480 or do you have higher resolution?
In Settings - Decoding/encoding you can test to decrease quality.
If you also record you can in Settings change quality and FPS second and see if that decrease the CPU load so you can stream more cams simultaneous.
MJPEG use less cpu load, but need more bandwidth.

I have old D1 cams (resolution is “704"x"576”).
CPU load is still 70-80% 1-5 and 6-12
First, what I did, is decreased quality of mjpeg/jpeg to 50%. When I decreased to 25% the problem is the same.
I don’t record video in HDD.

Can you check the upload speed.
One last thing. Connect to NCS from a computer on the WAN side. Use a browser and you will have the web client. Use multi view and see how that works and also what frame rate you get on each cam.

My upload speed is ~ 20-22Mbit
I tried to connect to my NCS sever from remote computer by webclient. I can see all my 12 cams! Even if i display it in three rows. It is work fine.
I can’t understand… Please, try to help me. Where I have a problem?

Yes, this is difficult and streaming video need a lot of resources both on cpu and network speed.
I also need you to do the following. Use the Task Manager. On the same place where you can see the CPU load you can also see the up- and download speed. On your website stream only 1 camera. Check the Send speed in the Task manager. Stream 5-6 cams and see what the send speed is. Compare this to the speed on the Internet connection and you can see approximately how many cams you can stream.

The web client use another approach where it adapts to the speed of the Internet connection. If you look at 1 camera the FPS is high. If you look at 16 cams at the same time the Frames Per Seconds on each camera is much lower.

What are the alternatives:
I f you want to keep the same computer and Internet connection:
1.use the web client
2.make 2, 3 or 4 web pages that have not so many streaming cams on each page.

If you must have all 16 cams streaming on 1 web pages you need to buy a computer with better capacity and maybe also increase the speed of the Internet connection depending on the results above. This is why the web client is developed for this to adapt to different situations. Normally if you want to embed your own camera in a web page it is only 1 or maybe 2 cams.


Thanks fot your advices.
Firrstly, I want to say, that I have not bad processor DualCore Intel Core i5-650, 3200 MHz and 4Gb RAM (but taskmeneger shows me that RAM is loaded only 30% ). I have Windows Server 2008 R2 x64. And PC is clear from another processes.
I’ve checked send speed in taskmanager, when I connected to page with my cams and mark is 12-13%.
Unfortunately, I can’t use alternatives. They are good, but not work for my situation.
Btw, my IE 11 don’t play any streams in mjpeg mode. Is it the same problem or I must install plugin?
If it helps, I can send you URL and login for this website for check in private message.

Yes, do so. I send you a PM for details.
No plugin necessary. For Server 2008 have you enabled Desktop Experience?
12-13% which is how much in Mbit/s?