I can't record audio with D-LINK 930L

I’m not able to record audio with D-LINK 930L. Simple! I set the cameras with the regular “template” just selecting the camera from the drop down menu.

Any suggestion?

The template use jpeg or mjpeg which are formats that do not include audio. To also have audio you need to add the cam as Custom URL using rtsp://xxxxxxx D-link cams have the important part of the URL in the cam configuration called something like “video and audio” in the settings. However, a search gives that this camera seems to not support rtsp and I did not see anyone solving this. It is suggestions for many URL´s, but I am nut sure if any of them worked. Audio works in D-link´s own APP, but I have not seen how they do this.
Here is a link that might be of interest. If you get it to work in VLC it will work in NCS.


The link above was banned, pls could give some valide URL to make 930L audio Works with NCS

The above link works fine. The 930l is a low cost version so it do not support rtsp to give video and audio in the same stream. In their own APP they probably use 2 http streams to also get audio. The link we have gets video only

To get audio and video in the same rtsp stream go for one of their higher models.


Hi again,
I found this for audio:

Can you check if that works for audio. If it works it might be possible to implement in the template to get video and audio.


unfortenally the URL http://USER_ID:PASSWORD@CAMERA_IP/dgaudio.cgi doesnt work in 930L

OK, thanks for testing. So we are back with video only