Ideal Network Setup?

I have been using NCS for years.

Over the years i have added IP cameras and I am up to 12 cameras of which 6 are wired and 6 are wireless.

I have a dedicated machine to run NCS on.

My question is regarding networking my cameras and server within my home. We are a tech heavy household with many devices on our network (40-50 at any given time).

will I get better performance if I split our all cameras and server onto its own network?

Interesting question. In general I would say no to your question. But since you have this question I assume that you are not satisfied with something. Performance is a very wide concept so you need to specify what you mean. Is it FPS, video quality, latency or …
I am never happy with cameras on wifi especially since you most likely use wifi a lot.
A dedicated computer for NCS is excellent. I assume it’s running on a reasonable cpu load. In Task Manager you can see the incoming bitrate from cameras.
I also assume the network is a Gbit LAN. AP drop very quickly in performance.
What resolution are thre cameras and FPS? Are they connected with mjpeg or rtsp. Mjpeg use more bandwidth than rtsp, but rtsp use more cpu power.
It’s a lot of parameters here, but if you can specify performance and what you are missing it will be a good start :slight_smile: