I'm a NOOB can't connect cameras - ports interfering

I am trying to use the free version on my win10 system,I am trying to connect my cameras. I currently us ISPY and they all work fine there. When I stat Netcam studio x and click network camera, I cannot select the camera type. It is all greyed out. I can’t even get info from the about button.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Fran!
Something must have gone terribly wrong in the installation process or something is blocking NCS to work correctly. Try the easy one first to uninstall NCS. Start the instillation program and select remove. Then go to ProgramData and remove a folder named Moonware. Go also to ProgramFiles and remove folder Netcam Studio. Now install NCS again. If you still have the same problem you need to start looking for programs that can block. Start with if you antivirus installed. That have blocked NCS before.

Make sure you installed the 64-bit version.

That´s my ideas for the moments.


I did as you suggested and I still acannot enter any cmera information in the “network camera” window. I can put in an ip, port user and password but it never connects.

Where do I find information about software that could be blocking? Norton says it is being allowed.

When you click on Brand do you get a list of camera manufacturers?

No, that whole left section is grayed out. Can’t click on anything on that side. Just server Ip/Host, ports, username password.

Hm! I have no idea what is going on. To continue I need access to yyour computer. Teamviewer is good for remote access. I can send you a private message for exchange of credentials?
What camera do you want to connect, ip, user, pwd.

OK, I have teamviewr 11. Where are you located? I am on the East Coast of the USA. When would you like to do this? PM me

I have exactly the same problem!
What is the solution?

Hi Rover!
I checked back in the communication and the problem was a conflict between ports on the computer. These 3 port must be free for NCS
WebServerPort" value=“8100” />
ServerTcpPort" value=“8120” />
ServerHttpPort" value=“8124” />
If another program use any of these ports NCS will not work.

In the case above it was Apple AIRSERVER that caused the problem.

Start with a check if there is something else that use any of these ports and stop that. Start NCS agsin.