Improvements in Library


  1. The library MUST have a way to do multiple selection of several files in order to do mass actions (specially delete files, the only actual possible action right now). I have motion detection and want to get rid of all the garbage and keep only the interesting videos and have to do this one by one.
  2. The library should allow users to change thumbnail size
  3. File operations (move/copy/rename/delete) is a nice idea in order to organize files
  4. It would be nice to change the thumbnail to: a snapshot from the beginning, a snapshot from the middle, a snapshot from the end, several snapshots (for example 4 little sequenced thumbnails; but in order to do this you should allow increasing the size of the thumbnail)
  5. Ability to have library in a separate window in order to have the cameras in one monitor and the library in another
  6. Ability to add notes/marks (like “watch later”, “do not delete”, “move to another disk”, and so on
  7. Ability to disable the warning when you want to delete a video
  8. Undo
  9. Ability to show more columns like source, size of the file, notes (if you add the feature)
  10. Ability to filter also from x time to y time (not only from days)
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