Incorrect scaling in multi view


I don’t know if its suppose to be like this, but I would have wanted a correct scaling on the web client. As of now it only display a minimized version of what it could show and not able to resize it.
Fullscreen is also not implemented. Maybe it’s not possible, but it would be nice.

Easier to just show some examples to explain it. Please excuse my photoshop skills.


How it should be (in my opinion…):

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Click on the image and you get full screen for one camera at the time. The web client must fit for many different resolutions and sizes.

Hi Henrik,

Yes I know. This was related to ‘Multi View’ page. Single view works perfectly.
No big deal, just a “would be nice to have”.


The aspect ratio itself is fine, so from what I understand your problem is more the fixed / defined height for the multi-view part. It will scale horizontally but the height is fixed and won’t move, then it places the camera at correct aspect ratio in the middle of the gray box.

Maybe @Elliott_O_Hara has an idea how to improve that in the web client.

Yes, you are correct. Wrong wording from my side. Aspect ratio is correct, but the scaling is incorrect.


Good! :slight_smile: I hadn’t noticed, been kinda slammed with some other stuff.

No worries though, it should be easy to “vanillaize”, it just grabs all elements that match a selector, calculate the max height then applies it to all of said elements. That would work as long as all the views have the same aspect ratio. Even for ones that don’t it would probably look a bit better than what we’ve got.

jQuery is banned from the web interface (in case you didn’t notice yet)

No bootstrap, no jQuery :slight_smile: