Installation of pro trial version over free version?

I’ve tried the free version of webcam-XP, and I’d like to try the pro trial version to see how my aging system handles 3 or 4 cameras. I have some questions: 1) Should I completely uninstall the free version before attempting to install the pro? 2) does it matter that the free version is older (5.6 I believe), and 3) If the new “pro” version gives me any weird new problems, does the company offer links to older versions (like the v5.6 version of the pro?).

BTW, this is probably all overkill. I just want to watch and make sure my cats are OK when I’m travelling.

You can have both installed in different folders and always reinstall the other one after the trial.

But we only offer the versions that you can download from, we are not delivering specific versions.