Installation of VLC player V3.0.8 broke access to camfeed

I’m using NetCam Studio 1.7.2 on a Microsoft Windows 2019 (1809) server.
We needed to view some recordings and VLC player V3.0.8 was installed.

After a few days the server was rebooted and the camera feeds were not working.
I’ve tried a lot to make it work again, nothing worked.
Then i remembered that my latest change to my server was the installation of VLC player.
So I uninstalled it, repaired the NetCam Studio installation and it worked again.

Excellent job there!
VLC lives its own life. I am running earlier versions of VLC like 302 with Netcam Studio 172 and that works. Make sure to also use 64-bit version if VLC.

Yes, I used the 64bit version of VLC.
I am very happy that it works again.