Installer problem and multiple Netcam Studio sessions?


I noticed that everytime I try to update NCS it say “already running” it tries to automatically stop it and fail, then it retry once and fail again (Windows 10 64bits) but the weird thing is that finally seems do its job but I get multiple NCS instances running ?

if your netcam studio x needs more than 5-10 seconds to shut down then it’s probably reaching the timeout of the installer.

anyway it’s better that you switch it off by yourself if you want to be sure that everything is properly saved.

The thing is that whenever I stop it (tray icon quit) it keep running :

No more tray icon trace

Task manager say it is still present

But service is stopped

So Houston we have a problem :wink:

Just a quick one about this. This was discovered in version 152 or early 154 and I had a lot of these since I uninstalled first the old version and then installed a new version. I always had to check that a process was not running, if it was I killed it. In late 154 and certainly in 155 this is not present anymore. I do not have this at all. To get rid of this a clean installation was not necessary. I just installed 156 on several machines and do not see this anymore. My process earlier was:
-Exit NCS X. Go to Task manager and kill any process still running of NCS.
-use installation program to remove NCS.
-install new version, at least 155.
-exit and test there should be no NCS processes left.


The question is why the process is still present whenever I “Quit” NCS ?

Sorry, but just to be sure. How do you exit ncs x? By the big red X or by the small gray x in the upper corner?

Do you run at least 155?
I use this for 16 cams in different flavors and NCSX quits very quickly.


When I use the RED cross it’s OK but when I exit in Tray Icon, the process quit (but icon in tray icon dissapear) but no way to “go back” to NCS screen as tray icon dissapeared so only way is to kill NCS from TaskManager.

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Thanks for your patience. Yes, I am the idiot, but I got it now ;).
I have tested this many many times and for me it is very systematic. Always when I exit using the Red X it ask if I want to end and if YES it ends correct.
Always when I exit with this

it never ask if I want to exit and it always leave a process running that must be killed.
So these 2 exit do not follow the same path. Mr. @Steve fix this easily :).
Thanks again,

Will fix that for next one.

Should be fixed in the latest 1.5.6 which was released.

No, same problem as before.

In the official / latest 1.5.6 (released yesterday) ?

I have this one, but that´s maybe not the latest one

It´s difficult to keep up with this :slight_smile:

i know, it’s why it’s stated here:


And it’s also the new official release (since 1.5.4 apparently had this strange client crashing issue which I’ve never managed to reproduce but which seems fixed).

It closes with no left over processes, but it do not ask if I want to Exit.