Installing Netcam Studio on Windows 10

I have upgraded to Windows 10 recently and I had reason to uninstall my Licensed version of Netcam Studio. Since I re-installed Netcam Studio I cannot seem to get it to work properly !!
I installed it with the Recommended setting (Typical I think). When I go to All Apps I see two versions listed under Netcam Studio: Netcam Studio Client (64 Bit) and Netcam Studio X (Server) 64 Bit.

If I click on the NCS Client the console opens up and a Login screen appears requesting ‘Please provide the servers address and credentials’. I don’t know what I am supposed to enter here!!!

If I click on NCS X (Server) the console opens and a stream of code appears and then the console is blank. One thing with this console is that there is no ‘Save’ button and when I have added cameras and then closed the PC down, the next time I open NCS X, the cameras have disappeared???

I could really do with some help as to what I am doing wrong please !! I find using the NCS a little confusing.

I am using NCS on my Desktop PC and just want to monitor all my cameras from it. I use a different app on my Smartphone to monitor the cameras remotely

Any help appreciated.


Hi Geoff!
Yes, we have seen that upgrading to Windows 10 can mess things up a little bit for Netcam Studio. The problems so far have been in the configuration files. So, I suggest you do the following.

  1. Start the NCS installation program and uninstall NCS.
  2. In the folder ProgramData you have a folder named Moonware that contains configuration files. Delete that folder completely.
  3. Install NCS again.
  4. Start NCS X (Server). Now a console opens with a stream of code and after that it should be blank. Now you can enter the license number again and add your cameras.

NCS can run in two modes. With the NCS X Server and the console open or NCS can run as a service in the background and you use NCS Client to connect to the service. Since you run NCS on your desktop I assume that you do not want to have the console open all the time. So I suggest you do the following:

  1. Close NCS X Server by clicking on the big red button with a white X in it.
  2. Now you need to start NCS as a Service. Us this guide which is also valid for Windows 10 Using Netcam Studio Service

When NCS is running as a service in the background you can now start NCS Client. A login screen opens. Leave everything as it is. The server 127. 0 .xxx is your local computer. The password is 1234 if you have not changed it. Click on OK and login. Now NCS should open up and you can see the cameras and navigate as usual. You have more information on the manual. You can close the client and NCS will continue to run in the background.

Good luck,

Hi Henrik,

Just a quick note to say ‘thanks’ for your help and support again. I am just about to go away for a long weekend and won’t get chance to implement your suggested fix until I get back next week. I will be sure to follow your instructions then and I will report back by the end of next week.

Best regards

Hi Henrik,

Well I found a little time before I go away and followed your Instructions and, as usual, everything works perfectly !!! Thank you so much for your help again. You are a star !!!

Best regards


Thanks! Excellent!
Have a good weekend!

You too!!!