Invalid License Key

Does it take a little while for a new license key to become valid for online activation? I purchased a 16 source license about 30 minutes ago, but it just gives me an error that my license key is invalid.


Hi Paul!
No, that should be rather immediately. If it still is a problem please contact support using .


Thanks, Henrik

I submitted my info to the URL you provided.

I know there’s not really anything you can do about it, but wanted to let you know that I’ve never heard back about my license, and it still says the key is invalid.

Hm, you can configure and use NCS to its full potential apart from red banners. If still no answer tomorrow let me know again.

Yeah, I’ve got all 5 of my cameras set up and it’s working great. I just want the banners gone so I can set up the detection zones. I can’t really do that until the license works because I can’t see what’s behind the red stuff :slight_smile:

Just to update, the support team contacted me and I’m up and running. She asked me to delete my Lic.dat file and then try activating again, but I didn’t even have to do that. I just tried online activation again and it worked fine.

So, now I have 5 cameras set up, most of them at least 720p, with motion detection, and my fairly inexpensive server is only hitting 10-15% CPU usage with DXVA2. I still need to set up audio on the cams that have the capability, as well as tweaking detection zones and other stuff, but overall I’m already pretty happy with it for a home setup.

If you have 5 minutes more I am very interested in to know how much the DXVA2 do to the CPU usage? What setup you have (CPU, RAM and what operating system) since 10-15% is very nice.

My current server is a little Mini ITX box with an i7-4770S, 8GB of the cheapest DDR3 I could find, and then I threw in a cheap Nvidia GT 610 for GPU acceleration.

I will try turning off DXVA2 tomorrow and set it back to software decoding to see how much of a difference there is and I’ll report back.

I’m also very excited about QuickSync support possibly coming soon.

The processor is actually very good for this. 4 cores, hyper-threading, 3.9 GHz,… That’s why the good results. DXVA2 have so far been a little disapointment. QuickSync is in the pipeline and is hopefully more efficient. But, you never knows ;).

Yeah, I was using a Core2 Quad system that I had lying around before this, but 6 cams would have it sitting at 80-90% CPU usage all the time. When the CPU was that maxed out, it would sometimes miss recordings. Granted, that was while using another company’s software.

Spending the $300 on a decent i7 was the biggest expense for my current server. Everything else was pretty much the cheapest things I could find on Amazon/Newegg.

In all of my experience transcoding video to h.264 using QuickSync, it’s a huge difference in CPU usage.