IO Input support for triggering events


are there any plans to support IO inputs & outputs? Both on camera’s and deviced like raspberry pi.

With this, you could do some awesome things:

  • Connect your doorbell to the IO of the camera, and use a trigger to get a notification if someone rings the door
  • Connect an output to a light switch or home automation system, and turn on the lights when movement is detected
  • Connect a laser tripiwire to an input, and start recording when tripped
  • Connect an output to an alarm system and trigger the alarm when motion is detected, or start the motion detection schedule when the alarm is turned on.



The plan for NCS at this time is not heading in the line of your suggestions. Today NCS have motion and audio detection and can using the rules send information when and for which cam an event occur. Also you can control NCS with external commands to start/stop motion and audio detection and more. So in a way NCS together with proper hardware can do the above. Many user have NCS together with a home automation system today and it works fine. NCS will focus on the software and to make better use of the computer hardware to be more efficient to reduce the CPU load.
However, thanks for your input and I also really like all these exciting things you can do when you merge software and hardware. The sky is the limit :slight_smile: . However, be careful with that laser. Your car might disappear again and a mouse click will certainly not get it back.

Fair enough. However, when it comes to the IO slots of the camera itself, i think it would be more efficient to get it polled by the CCTV software, so it can’t be done in the same API call. There is no other ‘standard’ software that only reads IO from ipcams, so a bit of a blind spot there.

Anyway, for my own specific situation (read out camera inputs) I created a little app. I’ll throw it on github soon, maybe it helps if someone has the same need.

Haha, i’ll keep your warning in mind :slight_smile: