Ip Address for a web camera

apparently the owners of this website http://oceancitylive.com/ocean-city-webcams/ocean-city-life-saving-museum/ have hidden the ip address. If anyone knows how to retrieve it please explain how


They didn’t hide anything.

They are streaming through Youtube’s live stream platform:

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What i’m looking for are the numbers ( which you can get by opening google chrome and entering http://oceancitylive.com/ocean-city-webcams/ocean-city-life-saving-station-museum-jetty/ then right click on any open space and select inspect then select sources and scroll down until you see the numbers. But for some reason when go to this one http://oceancitylive.com/ocean-city-webcams/ocean-city-life-saving-museum/ i"m unable to find the numbers any suggestions



You won’t find them because it’s going through youtube’s servers. The stream doesnt come directly from the camera to your browser

The museum stream to Youtube server (one stream only) and then Youtube re-stream to many viewers so talking about IP yes you’ll see Youtube’s IP not the museum IP were it comes from.

Goal of this is that museum only use one single camera stream’s bandwidth whenever there are 1 or 1000 viewers